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  1. so i got this product a couple years ago, the recording aspect doesn't work, but the editor works just fine so i have been using it from time to time. But for some odd reason, all of my recordings from the past moth have been squished into a square view with black borders on the side. I play in windowed mode with 1280:720 resolution, and record at 480p quality on OBS. I've tried starting a widescreen production and the result listed above is what happens, i use a normal production and is just removes the borders while still showing a squished view. I load recordings from over a month ago and they load just fine in a wide screen ratio. i'm really confused and am about to just go back to Windows movie maker. I have two example of what happens when i load up the videos. the first is about a month ago, the second is from this week.
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    Game Capture Cannot Connect

    I don't know why but when i first installed PC game capture it was working fine but later it wasn't recording. then for a while my computer profile didn't have admin status and i couldn't use it. After enabling Admin status on my computer i attempted to use the recording program but every time i click the CAPTURE button, i get "Please check your internet connection and try again." But my internet connection is just fine. I got this at half price and heard it was an alright recording program for beginners. I'd really like to use it soon. can some one please help me?