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    How To Record In Other Formats Than .m2Ts

    Lmao, basically sums it up. No one should get this device, development stopped on it ages ago, and it was bad to boot.
  2. transfo

    Glitchy Capturing And Cracking Noises

    Haha, well, you're right. It still didn't work. I'm returning that one. In the mean time, i got *competing capture card most of you know * it works pretty flawlessly. Thanks for trying to help anyways, Jim.
  3. transfo

    Glitchy Capturing And Cracking Noises

    Tried on my laptop, still the same problem. I've ordered another one from Amazon, we shall see.
  4. transfo

    Glitchy Capturing And Cracking Noises

    First off, my specs: Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel i7-4770K, Dual Titan X, 20GB of RAM (for video editing, C4D, Maya etc etc) Using HDMI in and out. Anyways if you look at my post history you'll see I have had issues with this device in the past, so I just stopped using it for about a year. I decided to fire everything back up today and reinstall the software (updated to the latest version) for good measure, make sure all my cables were good (they were), Windows recognized the device and I thought I'd actually have a smooth experience. Well, behold: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2ew-jnhjd5yRFhJMUl0ejBYRTQ/view?usp=sharing I tried using different USBs, restarting, reinstalling again, even wiping Windows completely. Still the same problem. Everything is fine if I close the capture program, it passes through fine. As soon as I open it, the problems start. I've tried pretty much every solution (well, not for me) on this forum, inlcuding changing graphics card settings and the like.
  5. transfo

    Crashing When Disconnected

    Yup. Also I truly appreciate the advice, sir. I have taken your advice and have listed it. I feel as if a burden has been lifted off my back. (Don't ask) I am happy once more! You can close the thread. On the topic of the software, that was not in fact a "Moronic Statement. I was simply stating that the Roxio software is not good. It's up to you whether or not you'd like to accept that.Also, can you please deactivate/ban my account (judging from your response I think you want to :/)? I don't use it that often.
  6. transfo

    Crashing When Disconnected

    Ah, forgot the forum's attitude. Somehow upgrading your comp screws the GC up. Logic. And done.
  7. transfo

    Crashing When Disconnected

    OK, let me preface this issue with my specs. I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel i7-2600K Sandy Bridge, AMD Radeon HD 7990, 20GB of RAM (Don't Ask). Now, everybody knows the Roxio software sucks. Crashes, when you push record randomly says "no signal" and says recording time "00:00" and is laggy as HECK. I've reinstalled 5 times, heck, even formatted my hard drive! To quote someone (forgot the name) on the forums "Roxio needs to release its death grip on its proprietary software. Allow other programs to capture or stop being lazy and ACTUALLY patch it for once (not minor updates) because the Roxio SW royally sucks." Done with my rant, now let's uncover more glitches in the myriad of horrible coding that is Roxio's software. When I have the software open and disconnect the RGC after I'm done recording, it just crashes! I try not to do this but sometimes it happens accidentally and my whole PC freezes and I have to restart. Also, I try to Install the 1.3 Patch and the software says "already up to date." When I look in the software updater in the program, it says up to date and version 1.0!!! (Remember, I've reinstalled 5 times) This is horrible. $149 wasted. If the software doesn't get better, I'll sell this and get something better. In the mean time, any fixes for these issues?
  8. transfo

    How To: Capture Ps4 & Xbox One

    DISCLAIMER: DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR RECORDING MOVIES. INFRINGEMENT IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME AND IS PUNISHABLE BY FINES AND JAIL TIME. Hello all, Those of you who've picked up a PS4/XBOX ONE might've been dissapointed when you found out you can't capture them. (Note:I only have a PS4, but this should work on Xbone as well) 1. Have a desktop screen recording software. (DXTory, Fraps, Bandicam, etc.) 2. Connect your console, you should see the preview in the Roxio application. 3. Record this preview (you should probably go fullscreen, however you'll need a good computer for this) And there you have it! Now, this probably won't work on the average computer well, the video will be laggy thanks to Roxio's ABSOLUTELY amazing and reliable, highly-optimized software, coupled with an average computer. For now, I use the built in recording for the PS4, but the patch that allows Devs to change HDCP is coming soon -transfo47
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