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    I've solved the problem by not using Roxio or my desktop PC. I've bought a projector cable, male to male, together with a double ended jack lead and connected my netbook directly to my tv - perfect. Recommend this method to anyone experiencing difficulties trying to create DVD's and sound.
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    Hi, many thanks for your reply. I 'Googled' Quicktime for Windows * and a lot of people have said that it either doesn't work or that it continually crashes. Obviously there has to be a problem somewhere unless there are a lot of professional complainers. I'm not using a camcorder, its a Canon camera with a video facility. I took lots of high resolution video clips on a recent holiday which I saved onto my netbook. Now back home I've copied them on my desktop PC which has the Roxio Creator NXT programme. I would like to save them to a DVD so I can play them through a DVD player and watch on my TV - a much bigger screen than my desktop. I might just stick to taking photo's next time!
  3. My OS is Windows 8 and I have Roxio NXT installed. I'm trying to save some video clips which I've downloaded from my camera onto a DVD. I keep getting the message that I must have Quicktime installed. Is there a way round this - it would appear that this is awful for crashing according to reports on the net.