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  1. I'm not sure whats causing the problem, But my problem is similar. Its not windows 7, i can assure you that though. I've used this software for months and its worke perfectly fine with my windows 7 operating system.
  2. I've been using this for about 5 months, worked great! Now, I restarted my computer, and it crashed while starting up and i had to run a system repair. After this system repair finished, when i start up the game capture software, my computer freezes altogether. Uninstalled reinstalled Tested to see if it was the hardware, it wasnt Attempted to use other software, None are as good Tried using different USB ports Somebody help?
  3. Okay so here's the deal. I've been using the game capture software for several months, an its worked well! Then, When i restart my computer, on startup it crashes. I had to do a system repair. Since then, The software freezes when i start it up. Heres a list of things ive tried. Uninstalling and reinstalling. Getting the service pack Unplugging the usb, and then starting up. The software works, But when i plug the usb back in, it doesnt read it. Using amarectv, i made sure that it wasn't the roxio hardware that was the problem, sound and video comes out clear on amarectv Will somebody help me?
  4. Chi Ongaku

    Computer Freezing At Startup Of Capture

    Another update, when i plug the USB in and start it up, it fails to work.
  5. Chi Ongaku

    Computer Freezing At Startup Of Capture

    Update, when i unplug the Game capture USB, it works fine. I'll get a service update again, see if that helps
  6. I have the Roxio Game Capture standard (considering i have a standard TV,) And havent used it in several days, and when I started it up, It froze my computer. I uninstalled it, Reinstalled it, and am having the same problem. To make sure my Game capture was working, I opened up amarectv and it worked fine. Have any of you experienced computer crashes/freezes when opening the software? I can open up the general software, but when i open up capture, It freezes up.