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  1. The 64-bit drivers were in the Roxio Support pages run you through, but I tried that after all other things were unsuccessful and uninstalled and deleted them along with doing a disk clean and defragmentation.
  2. I knew the someone would mention the SATA controller, I think I need to do a BIOS update because even after I run the drivers (And flashed the SSD) it wont go away. But with the laptop I can plug it into any of my three USB slots and it works but with my PC I have it plugged in the back of the computer on the motherboard USB ports below the keyboard and mouse.
  3. So I've had the Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software for about a week now and I can't managed to get the software to pick up the signal, not just the video but the audio where as if I run the Sound Editor I can still get the Audio from my AV signal and I know it's not the device at fault because it works perfectly on my outdated (and out speced) laptop but wont work on my main system that has the capabilty of recording above 15 frames per second. As it stands I have gone through the process of Uninstalling the USB drivers and then the software to do a fresh reinstall after a restart. I tried getting more updated drivers and using 64 bit drivers but these still didnt work so I uninstalled them and gave it another fresh clean reinstall. I have another program that and pick up the USB device but similarly to above it will only pick up the audio and non of the video. I've gone through a few of the forum threads and tired them out with no avail. I've provided a picture of my device mangement to speed things up, maybe I've missed something with drivers or something else. If there is anything else you can think of please let me know.