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    Where Did All My Videos Go?

    I may have a theory of what happened. Not sure yet. But one thing I do know is it was definitely not mouse operator error. I am going to run some "tests" over the next few days to confirm what is what or at least try to confirm it. I have been afraid to turn the computer on all day cause of the lack of time to sit here with it and watch it, uninterrupted. I hope it was not the VHS to DVD3 program. I think it is possibly what I need to do the things I have coming up. I apologize for being in such a foul mood when I first posted yesterday, but man, years worth of files gone!!!! That doesn't sit well. Panic set in. I guess I was "afraid" of the program from the get-go because of the negative things I had read about it while doing a search for a program to buy and when this happened right off of install, well..... nuff said. Thanks to all you guys for the questions and answers so far. I'll post as soon as I do the "tests" and have my results,,, confirming anything at all or nothing at all. Right now I have to do a little backup. Thanks and Have a Great Day.
  2. jraquel

    Where Did All My Videos Go?

    I have a program to do this. Thanks.
  3. jraquel

    Where Did All My Videos Go?

    MR. myguggi Since some are so adamant that the program can not do this, apparently under any circumstances, I am going to uninstall the program, remove all remnants of it from the registry, backup both hard drives and reinstall it again, but not until after a couple of days of using the computer to see if they disappear for some other reason. I hope it was not the program. It appears to be what I need and I would like to use it. If push come to shove, I guess I can install it on one of my old computers that I no longer use. BTW, can I uninstall and reinstall or does the code not work on a reinstall after removal of the registry keys?
  4. jraquel

    Where Did All My Videos Go?

    cdanteek, It is an internal Hard Drive. Has its own OS. I can start up on either one I want to. I just use the "F" one as a storage for files mostly. Yes it is good I had one. I had forgotten to check the automatic backup MS has. Looks like I got all the files back. Thanks and Have a Great Day,
  5. jraquel

    Where Did All My Videos Go?

    Thanks for your reply Jim. You wrote: "If they are actually gone, something else did it!" There is no "IF" to it. They are gone. You also wrote, "The install program does not delete videos." I do not think I said "the install program" per say, I meant the installation of the program and its use appears to have deleted the videos. I must say with all due respect and no malice intended......... the videos were there 5 minutes prior to the installation of the program, which, by the way, was extremly easy, and after copying my first and only VHS tape, the videos were gone. How did I know? I always view my hard drive contents after installing and opening a new program, a habit I learned some 25 years ago when I started working with computers, and the display shown without any doubt, they were gone. No other operations were performed on the computer during the installation and copy of the VHS tape, When I noticed the loss was about 10 minutes after the copying was through. During that 10 minutes after the copy finished, the only thing performed on the computer was viewing the dvd copy of the vhs tape to confirm it had performed the task and reviewing the contents of the hard drive again. The videos were the only things missing. If this is the first and only reporting of such a "possible" problem, that does not constitute a fact that the problem does not exist. If conditions are there, like a conflict with some other program on a computer, sometimes something different can and does happen. Do not worry about it. I restored the hard disk with a backup copy that was performed, automatically, a few hours prior to the installation of the program. Thanks and Have a Great Day, jraquel
  6. jraquel

    Where Did All My Videos Go?

    I just now installed the VHS to DVD3 software and it erased every one of my videos on my "F" hard Drive. I installed it on my "C" Drive. Over 750 gig of Videos lost. No, I did not have them backed up somewhere else. Windows 7 64-bit home premium OS. One would not expect a program for ROXIO to destroy files on a different hard drive from the one the program was installed on, would one? Anyone know anything about this? I am one MAD dude, to put it mildly.
  7. I just installed the ROXIO VHS to DVD3 software on my "C" Drive and it erased all my videos on my spare 1 Trig "F" hard drive. Appears to have left the "C" Drive alone. Where did they go and why? Talk about be one more MAD fellow, I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone ever had this to happen? I hope not. Anyone have any ideas???????? HELP!!!!!!!