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  1. Thanks again for the feedback, but I have already tried the things in the LINK from Post#2 to no avail. What bothers me is that after doing them my software still is labled version 9 - not 9.1 as it has been stated in Post#6. - See Quote following: "Do NOT uninstall your previous version. The updater will do this for you. The update will replace your installed copy of Creator 9 with Creator 9.1 (or Creator Deluxe Suite 9.1). The update is required to find your previous, compatible version to update: I would still like to know how I can contact Roxio on this "Back Up Disk" of mine. I can't see how to contact anyone unless I have a software currently under support.
  2. Thanks GranpaBruce for the feedback. I don't understand why I wouldn't have a full version of Easy Creator 9 unless the backup disks that were forwarded to me (which I have used to re-install the software) were not complete.I purchased the software from Sonic Solutions. Product Name was " Easy Media Creator 9 Suite - ESD UG/EMMy Downloads were:1. 2006EZS0R03_ContentCDc9.1.exe2. 1Z22TZX0R03_EMCSuitev9.1efigsd.exeSerial Number: (Supplied but I won't print on public forum)3. Recommended Backup CD (1 only) Think this might be part of my problem?I Paid $191.51 AUD on 07/08/1997 for this software. and my order number was 4240780013As I said before I had trouble downloading the backup disks and after contacting Sonic Solutions, they actually posted me out 2 Backup Disks. (Intentions were good, but I am now thinking the Disks were not right)I think I can see problems with the back up disks as they mention Windows XP and make no note of the numbers "90" & "R03" as you stated they should have. also in typing the info from my internet order confirmation - I notice this info references "9.1" and "R03" which indicates my back ups might be faulty. What do you think? and how can I address this with Sonic/RoxioHow can I contact Roxio - Sonic regarding this problem - I know the product is out of Warranty - I just want want I supposedly purchased. I visited Roxio and find they are now assoc. with Corel and thjere appears to be no means to contact them unless the product is under warranty.
  3. Well - I tried opening another account as administrator and named it Roxio, then opened up PhotoSuite 9 and tried to access photos on my computer - Still getting "Runtime error". Also checked Help in the application and noted that it stated this was Windows Version (Build 3790) Service Pack 1. From your notes it looks as though this version is not eligible for Roxio Patch 9.1. One other thing has happened as well - Since removing Roxio from my system and re-installing it. I have all the different programs but no longer get a MAIN menu page along with the automatic Desktop Icon. Don't know what's happened. Just more information - When I originally purchased Roxio 9, I was having trouble downloading the program for back up purposes and if my memory serves me correct - I contacted someone at Roxio/Sonic and they mailed me Disc 1 and 2, which I have used before this without trouble. The software on the discs have asingle application/exe file but I cannot see any details on what is being downloaded other than in dialogue boxes that appear during installation. Sorry to be a problem and also long winded - Still looking for a solution.
  4. I have kept my updates for Windows on schedule which in the past has included Service packs 1 and 2. Not sure what this 9.1 patch is or where to find it - I can only seem to locate a 9.1 or greater patch for Adobe. Is the patch for this or is it a MS patch? Thanks for prompt reply.
  5. Sorry for not getting back to you straight away - I didn't realise that there was a reply. Anyway my operating system and details are as follows: OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Version: 6.0.6002 Processor: Pentium ® Dual core CPU Hope this can help
  6. I curently run Roxio Creator 9 software and after several years with no problem in the photo editing section I now get a "Runtime Error" dialogue box appearing when I try to load a picture/photo through PhotoSuite 9. The error message states: "Program- Easy Media Creator 9 Suite\PhotoSuite 9\PhotoSuite9.exe" "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way." "Please contact the application's support team for more information" I have un-installed my Roxio program and also used Windows Install Clean Up software to ensure all parts of Roxio & Sonic applications were removed. I then loaded and ran the (2) software CDs, provided to me when I purchased the software, installing the Roxio Creator 9 back onto my computer. Note that I switched off all Antivirus and Firewall programs when re-installing. Also disabled all programs in "Startup" Unfortunately I still get this error message. Can anyone help me with this