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  1. Thanks for your help. I followed the steps you indicated in your answer and it solved the issue. The video capture USB device was available again in Roxio NXT. But it did happen a second time. I obviously do not understand how these things work, but if there is some sort of compatibility issue with McAfee antivirus/firewall, someone ought to look into it. Right now I am leaving the device plugged in all the time, even when I don't use it or when I shut down my pc and I am no longer having this problem. Not sure if it has anything to do with it though. Thanks again.
  2. I recently purchased the Roxio Video Capture USB device and downloaded the Windows Driver from the associated “Download Now” link on Oct 25. I installed the driver on my pc (Windows 8.1), connected the capture device, started Roxio NXT software and was able to import some old analog video without any problem. The next day however my pc no longer recognized the Video Capture USB device. Under “ Device Manager” there is an exclamation in front of the Roxio Video Capture Device. Looking up the properties for the device tells me that there is no driver installed for the device! Under “Programs and Features” I could see the Roxio Video Capture Device. I uninstalled it, restarted my pc, reinstalled the driver from the previously downloaded (and saved) file and reconnected the capture device. Incidentally, in the process of reinstalling the driver, I received a conflicting message telling me that a driver was already installed. Anway, reinstalling the driver did not solve the problem . The capture device does not seem to be recognized and Device Manager tell me there is no driver installed for the device. Need help solving this problem. Thanks.
  3. ajm

    Poor sound quality

    Thank you all for your input. I tried the suggestion about reducing the audio acceleration. I changed the setting from "Full" to "Standard". I ran a test and captured some video using the Roxio software and, based on this one test, it seems to have fixed the issue. All recorded voices sound clear! Thanks! One more question...Are there any potential downside to having cut back on the audio acceleration?
  4. ajm

    Poor sound quality

    I am using a new system and I have all the latest drivers installed. I am also using the USB 2.0 VC-211A Video Grabber to capture analog videos. The device connects to a USB port and also has an audio jack which connects to the external microphone port of my notebook. The audio distortion seems to apply mostly to the voice of the person taking the video, and not to more distant voices or sounds. I did find a temporary fix. When I capture the video using Windows Movie Maker and edit and produce it using Videowave 9.0, the problem goes away, the sound on the produced video file comes out just fine. I still would like to know how to capture my videos using EMC9 without having this issue.
  5. ajm

    Poor sound quality

    I just started using EMC9 and I am experiencing poor sound quality (crackling voices) when using Videowave 9 to preview/edit captured videos. I have the same poor sound quality after I produce the videos. However, I can play these captured videos with Windows Media Player and they sound fine. How can I avoid this problem? Thanks!