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  1. TYoungblood

    Videowave Crashes

    If that doesn't work for you, another work-around is to split your video into smaller sections by using the split tool. You can then edit each individual clip by double clicking it in the timeline which will open up it's own smaller editing window. You can then adjust the start and finish points for that clip here.
  2. TYoungblood

    Videowave Crashes

    I haven't fiddled around with this much but I found a solution, at least for a 4:3 movie. Go to "More Options" at the welcome screen. Change the 'default handling' to 'fill screen'. Changing the editing frame rate to match that of your movie might help as well. The software didn't lock up as you describe when I used these settings.
  3. TYoungblood

    Videowave Crashes

    Corel software might be be good and all, but isn't this a site about fixing and improving Roxio products? It seems strange that suggestions for "fixing" issues with Roxio software is met with suggestions to just switch to another company's product.