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  1. I'm using the desktop version.  I have already created a video file to export to my premium account so that I can share it with others by email or social media.  I tried sharing it to myself just to see how it works and I had some problems in viewing it.  They said that I had to download the flash player and some other things.  Don't quite remember what that was..  I did manage to see my show but it was a pain in doing so.  On a different matter I tried to cancelled the automatic subscription on my premium account but am not able to find where to do this.  I don't plan on staying on as a premium member when it comes time to renew my subscription.  They are suppose to send an email about the subscription renewal but I didn't notice a notification about that this year.

  2. Just to give the forum users some other background info concerning my problem.  The photoshow that I have a problem with contains over 200 images, several song selections. many captions and or text and thought bubbles, different timing on some of the slides along with different transitions.  I'm wondering if it is to complex for the program to handle or not.    It's a show that I spent over 12 hours putting together and it's very frustrating to not be able to burn it.

  3. I just spent a lot of time putting a photoshow together with Roxio 6 on W10 pro.  When it came time to burn to DVD all I got was the music selection but no images were burned.  I've done many other photoshows before and never had this problem.  Anyone out there that had this same problem and if so were you able to fix it?  Thanks for any help.  It will be greatly appreciated.

  4. "Thank You" SKNIS, CDANTEEK for your help in this matter related to the error code ffffdcd7. It's very much appreciated. In answer to one question RPD281 is my user name instead of the Lite-On model number. I'm using a PC, with the xp operating system and the dvds that I

    m using are the Sony DVD-R.


    At the moment, in using the Nero Photoshow 5 version and everything works well with it and it will burn the dvds. So my conclusion is that the dvd drive, is working well and something is corrupted in the Roxio Photoshow 6 program itself. I could be wrong about this, just my opinion. I'm not going to use the Roxio version 6 as long as I can get the job done with the Nero 5 version. I've gotten to stressed out and aggravated is trying to resolve this issue. When things calm down I'll follow the recommendations that both of you gave me and hopefully I'll have some good news to share with everyone and tell how the problem got solved. Again "Thanks" for your help.



  5. Just some additional information about the above problem is when I attempt to start the burning process it shows, "initializing burn engine" and then the error code appears. So I exit out of the burn process and attempt to get back into working with the images and music but it program is lock. I can't even exit out the the program until I go to the task manager and end tkhe unresponsive program. This happens every time the erro code show up and the program is unresponsive. I've tried looking up this error code on the web and on the Roxio website but found nothing .


    I then downloaded the Roxio Photoshow version 6 for a second time figuring that maybe a file is missing out of the first version 6. This was a free download from CNET. After the download and installation I tried again to burn a disc and ended up with the same error code and an unresponsive program. Must be a software issue causing this problem. Anyone with any ideas to try next? Thanks.

  6. I'm presently using Roxio version 6 and all of a sudden I'm not able to burn the 2 slideshows that are done and ready to go onto a DVD. I keep getting the error code FFFFDCD7. I looked it up on the web and no results were found. Does anyone know what this means and how to correct the problem? I'm using Windows XP and have a new Lite On DVD burner to work with. RPD281