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  1. RageFailGaming

    Editing Frame Rate

    I would like to change the frame rate as I want to watch my whole production through smoothly without having to extract the file after every edit. when I go to the video trimmer the clip I have selected plays at a normal speed (but this only plays the one section of the video), however the main video is is slow, so I thought if I changed the frame rate setting I could speed this up.
  2. RageFailGaming

    Editing Frame Rate

    Hi, I'm not sure if this topic has already been posted, but I have recently purchased the roxio game capture HD pro and was wondering how I change the editing frame rate in the videowave "productions settings" as it is currently greyed out. I wanted to change it to 30fps, however it is currently at 25fps. Is this due to my computer/graphics card not being powerful enough; mine isn't very powerful, or is there something i need to change in other settings? My system: Intel® Pentium(® D Cpu 2.66GHz 2.66Ghz 2.00GB RAM 32-bit operating system - Windows Vista SP2 Please help!
  3. RageFailGaming

    Videowave Freezes Constantly While Editing

    My computer was freezing too until I changed the rendering from hardware to software in the options. Mine's still slow but its probably because my computer isn't powerful enough.