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  1. I have been digging around inside hex editors etc trying to find how the Roxio software sets it's API urls, eventually I was lead to the Registry. You will need to have the actual Capture program running, not the launcher but the capture window, the one that shows the preview of your game. With this open, you will need to open Windows Registry You can do this by going Start -> Run -> and type: "regedit", press enter You will need to look for this folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Roxio\Game1X\MediaImport\AVCapture\Config Inside here are some variables that we will need to modify while the program is running, they are; LocationUrl StreamKey Double click "LocationUrl" and set it to one of the URLs from this page - http://bashtech.net/twitch/ingest.php, make sure it's a twitch.tv URL not justin.tv Press OK and double click on "StreamKey" Go to http://www.twitch.tv...board/streamkey and copy your stream key, pasting it in to the "StreamKey" variable and press OK. Because you've set a stream key and location directly in to the registry you will not need to log in to Twitch using the options window, this thing is kind of null and void since all Twitch actually needs for you to stream to it is a stream key. Now, go to the capture Window and press the "LIVE STREAM" button, this should now start streaming to twitch. PLEASE NOTE: THE PROGRAM OVERWRITES THESE REGISTRY VALUES EACH TIME IT IS OPENED, YOU WILL NEED TO MODIFY THEM EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO STREAM
  2. There was a reply to this topic but it seems to have been deleted. Surely this is a simple fix by adding a drop down to choose between Twitch and Justin? They use the same servers and the same API endpoints, all they did was remove the ability to stream to Twitch using your JTV account. Or you could just allow us to type in api.twitch.tv or api.justin.tv or, better yet remove JTV entirely and use TTV because the device is meant for capture gameplay and TTV is for games, JTV is not.
  3. I've read all of the support documents about getting Game Capture HD to stream to Twitch, they suggest using a justin.tv account and setting it's category to "Gaming", this category does not exist anymore so is not an option. I could use OBS or Xsplit to stream, but if that's the case I may as well not use the Game Capture HD device because I am playing a PC game, the whole point of buying the GCHD device was to use that rather than my graphics cards/CPU. Using OBS/Xsplit with the GCHD device as a video or screen capture is essentially the same as capturing the output directly from the game and thus is an unnecessary step. I can log in to my twitch.tv account via the GCHD device but no channel is listed due to JTV working on splitting TTV and JTV in to separate entities. I am using the latest version of the GCHD software. Any ideas?