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  1. I was referring to the MyDVD product... it has been several years since I made my own DVD's... when I did I used the Dazzle capture device and it's software and it let you do what I described.. one menu page, showing the two chapter thumbnails so you could chose where to go from the front and only menu page... I guess everything is now like the store bought dvd's where you choose play or "scenes"
  2. Been looking at this product for a while and reading all the comments. Really like what I see. But want to make 100% sure before I buy since I have bought other products only to find out afterwards there was something I needed it wouldn't do. My needs are simple. I want to pull in a mpeg file... edit out pieces (like commercials) take that edited file, add a couple chapter points... pull in a personalized background image for my menu, background music for the menu and then just a play button and two chapter buttons... so just one menu page. That's it.... Other products either wouldn't allow me to customize the menu or would force me to have multiple menu screens will this product meet my needs?