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    Capturing From Hitachi 8Mm Video Camcorder

    It does, and that is what I've been using. When I hook it up to a TV directly, it works. When I try through the DVD, it doesn't. I am assuming the age of the camera could be an issue with compatibility. I'll try with another camera I'm going to borrow. If that doesn't work, I'll try asking here again. Thank you for your help, myguggi.
  2. JeanneHan

    Capturing From Hitachi 8Mm Video Camcorder

    Thank you ogdens. I had tried that, but it didn't work. It must be my old camera which isn't working too well with it. I'll try to borrow another camcorder and try it with that. If that doesn't work, back to the store I'll go and pay someone to do this for me. Thank you for your help. As for you Jim, I'd rather have sensitive skin and be nice to people asking for help than make rude, demeaning comments which are totally unhelpful. Try googling "social graces" and good luck to you too.
  3. JeanneHan

    Capturing From Hitachi 8Mm Video Camcorder

    When you right click on the devices, click on properties and look up the details, one says video and the other says audio. I wanted to specify these are both there incase he was to ask me about it. Trying to provide as much info as I can. And just because you didn't understand what I meant to the other poster, doesn't mean you should be insinuating I'm an idiot, Jim ("Getting info is like wringing out a rope"). Thanks for making the newbie feel so welcome.
  4. JeanneHan

    Capturing From Hitachi 8Mm Video Camcorder

    And I should add one says its for audio and one for video capture, and I checked to make sure they were updated, which they are.
  5. JeanneHan

    Capturing From Hitachi 8Mm Video Camcorder

    It is when it's plugged in.
  6. JeanneHan

    Capturing From Hitachi 8Mm Video Camcorder

    Sorry myguggi, I didn't include that. I have it hooked up with what I know as the RCA cable (probably wrong, as I said I'm not a techie). The two audio/video cables. Then that is plugged into the device to computer via USB port. Progam is all installed and I did the steps (reboot, turn off firewall, etc and did the repair from the disk) to make sure it wasn't the software. All I get is an error message "no video signal".
  7. I am not a techie and just bought this product. I have 8mm cassettes from an old Hitachi camcorder I would like to convert to DVDs. It says its a 8mm Video Camcorder VM-E340A Rapid Feflex 16Bit D.S.P. I have hooked up the cables as they should be (and the cables hook up to my TV and work OK so I know it's not the cables). Just wondering if the camcorder is just too old to be supported with this product? Any other suggestions of how it could be reworked? Would it work if I hooked the camcorder up to a VCR and then hooked the VCR up to the computer? I'm probably grasping at straws but I'm getting very frustrated! Any advice is greatly appreciated