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  1. so I've had my Roxio for about a year now, and lets just say ive had my fairshare of problems with it, but none of them compare to this latest problem that just started happening. about a week ago I was recording for about 4+ hours long and when I opened the video file it repeatedly flickered grey and black. I went back to recording and everything was fine, and figured that Roxio either overheated or couldn't handle the massive 18.9 GB file. well now I was recording yesterday for about 45 minutes and the same problem was back, only now the video framerate was very choppy as well. I have since then reconnected every wire, restated my laptop, all to no avail. if I open any video file ive recorded by opening the main file in "My Computer" it shows the choppy flickering footage, and the same goes for opening it in sony vegas 12. BUT, if I open the file within the capture software, or using videowave, the file is completely normal and runs fine. Please, I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out. Please help.