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    Somehow I rec'd a forward of an email/chat mail from Roxio today. I don't remember which version I purchased, but I gave up on trying to 'fix' problems and/or get help from Roxio Support about 4 years ago. I wouldn't bother, or take on the messes that software created ever again. It was AWFUL!!!!! That I still receive an occasional chat mail, after 3 1/2 years of stopping my use and subscription of anything Roxio may stand for something. Beware, Be Aware. Ron
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    I installed the Roxio Creator 9 from internet download several weeks ago and immediately had problems with error messages that seem to be software problems (unhandled exception in a component of application), and system resources assessment (Insufficient video resources to launch application). In the second case, the software application program had nothing to do with video (it is for audio/CD), and if it did have a video element I don't understand the diagnosis as my PC is over the top with regard to stated hardware requirements and what is in the system. In the beginning I tried to get things going but finally gave up and I could not find any way at the time to contact Product Support via internet. I came back to this thinking with the Holidays it might be good to have Roxio Creator 9 going. I can't find anything in this "tech support" (if I had all the tech it is supposed that I know, I wouldn't need support), and I can't find anything dealing with "uninstalling" and "reinstalling" the download that is encouraging. Is this forum a black hole where all disappears without a trace, or might I really find somewhere something from Roxio, or better yet, someone with Roxio that can help correct the problems, or perhaps even refund my payment; I wouldn't dare mention my time (hours) spent trying to do a 'simple' and clean install. I have never had this much and persistent problems with any other software in 25+ years of having a personal computer. RE