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    Bad Tv Picture.

    I've done this, and it changed nothing. The colours are still drab and look exactly the same as I previously mentioned. The blue component In doesn't seem to fit snug like the rest of the connectors though, do you think that could be the problem? I will record some footage of how this thing looks on my TV. Edit: This is how the game should look: http://mp1st.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Screen-Shot-2013-10-05-at-1.01.25-PM.png Lots of blues which leads me to beleive that the issue is being caused by the blue component connector. Here is a capture of how the game looks on my TV, and now on my PC monitor since I switched the cables around as per your suggestion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIk8FucxTZQ
  2. ElseAndrew

    Bad Tv Picture.

    TV to Component In Component out connected to PS3 USB to PC
  3. ElseAndrew

    Bad Tv Picture.

    Yes it is, just my TV looks terrible when connected to the Roxio, otherwise fine.
  4. ElseAndrew

    Bad Tv Picture.

    It's not, I have it set-up like in the picture showing how it should be set-up.
  5. ElseAndrew

    Bad Tv Picture.

    Hi, I bought the Roxio Game capture off Amazon a good while ago but I never really used it as I couldn't use my headset for game sound at the same time. However I recently started using it but the pass through on the game capture looks terrible on my TV, the colours are just all wrong, the yellows are gray thr greens are really dull. When I connect the component cables direct to my TV from my console everything looks how it would over HDMI but when connected via the Roxio that's when I get the problem. I have switched the cables around so the Component in is from my TV and component out is going from the Playstation it's self. The TV I have is a 32" Samsung HD TV, I've tried playing around with the colour settings on that but nothing seems to help, is this a problem that lies within the Roxio itself and can't be sorted or does anyone have solutions? Edit: I forgot the mention that it's the SD version of the Capture card and not the HD version.