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    Flat Out Does Not Work

    Who said I did that? OF COURSE I wouldn't plug it into my computer before installing it. I never said I did.
  2. Insane Ian

    Flat Out Does Not Work

    Wait, how is that the wrong order when that's how it tells you to hook it up in the instructions included with the device? I hooked the component cables from my xbox to the unit, the unit to the tv, then the usb from the unit to my laptop. How is that wrong? Regardless, as I stated in my previous post, I also did the steps you mentioned and reinstalled. It now crashes at every attempt to do anything. Are there any OTHER things I should try other than what I already said I did?
  3. Insane Ian

    Flat Out Does Not Work

    I am so annoyed. I have yet to use this and get it to work. I bought it, hooked it up to my Tv and my Xbox 360, installed the disc, and I get "No Signal" in red. I had an image ONCE of a blue screen, with sound, but never got a usable image. I followed the troubleshooting tips emailed to me from tech support, and it still didn't work. I Put the disc back in, did the "repair" and reinstalled...still nothing In fact, now, I get nothing at all. The "Options" "input" and "settings" are all greyed out. Can't select component (not even using HDMI b/c my Xbox doesn't have HDMI), can't select...anything. I'm so frustrated. Tech support has been useless. They want to charge me $25 to speak to someone about this rather than using the forums or email, which is ridiculous. I just spent $130 on a new peice of hardware that doesn't work at all, and you want to charge me more? Does ANYONE here have any help? I'm about ready to call Amazon and get my money back for this thing...