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    Toast 11 Burner Not Running In Background

    I've noticed that when burning BD-R disks via a USB DB-R drive, both the burning activity, and the verification activity will pause if the Toast application is not the "Active" application. When I toggle back to Toast, the activity resumes, but if it's running in the background all progress halts after only a few minutes. It will progress occasionally after that, but the only way I have found to keep the drive busy constantly is to make the Toast application "Active" (do nothing else). My power save settings have Computer Sleep set to Never. Any insight as to what settings could help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. FlatBallFlyer

    Toast 11 Burner Not Running In Background

    thanks oldArciver! that did the trick
  3. FlatBallFlyer

    Toast 11 Burner Not Running In Background

    I found your link to the bug page tsantee - thanks!
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    Toast 11 Burner Not Running In Background

    I've done some more testing and this is very re-creatable on my box at least.... and it appears to be related to full-screen or multiple desktop use cases, as well as minimizing Toast. Here are all the details, does anyone know where to report bugs? Configuration: '10 Mac Pro - OS-X 10.9 LG BP40 Blu-Ray Writer (USB Attached) BD-R Disk being burned Toast Platinum 11.1 During burning activities progress halts 30-60 seconds after moving focus to either a full-screen mode app, or to any desktop other than the one Toast is on, or minimize Toast and stay on any desktop. I have tested with Safari, Preview and VMWare in full screen mode, and Finder on a 2nd desktop. In all cases: - During burning phase, the light on the drive continues to flash, but the count-down timer indicated the halt. - During validation phase there is no count-down timer, but the light on the drive does stop blinking and the progress bar appears to not progress. In all cases, once focus is returned to the desktop that has Toast on it, the activity resumes.
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    Toast 11 Burner Not Running In Background

    My setup is a 2010 Mac Pro and a LG BP40 USB BD-XL drive, running Mac OS-X 10.9, using Toast Titanium 11. The specific use case is burning a 25Gb BD-R, then during Burning open Safari in full screen mode. Burning 25Gb with Toast active takes about 45 mins, in the background it can run several hours. During the validation step, you can actually watch the drive go idle (the light quits blinking) while in Safari, then Cmd-Tab back to Toast and watch the drive wake up.