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    Dvd / Cd Drive Will Not Burn

    Have used different media and had the same results, so it is not a media issue.
  2. I downloaded and installed Creator NXT 2 Pro today and have successfully added 2 audio files from 2 different CDs to my Sound Editor Job. After combining the clips and editing to make individual tracks, I went to burn the CD as I have with previous versions of Creator. The drive is flashing, spinning, the data on the screen is showing the data being written, but when the job is complete there is nothing on the disc. It is seen as a blank CD. I have now tried the job moving the files over to Disc Creator and I have the same results. What is the deal???? Dell Latitude E6530 running Windows 7-64, with 8 GB RAM and the drive is a "TSSTcorp DVD+-RW SU-208CB - D100" according to the Roxio burn window. The program is useless to me if we can't burn a Master CD. Help please!