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  1. One day NXT n3 pro would not open and displayed the message "rozio creator has stopped working". I reinstalled the whole thing and it still will not open and gives the same error message. Can anyone help? Windows 7 pc. It had been working fine for over a year.
  2. Had to do a clean reinstall (hard drive) and I had purchased the blu ray plugin separately. Now they don't even sell the plug in for nxt 3. Any way to get the plug in?
  3. cchampagne

    Blue Ray Selection Grayed Out

    Couldn't find the BD plug in download. Purchased NXT 3 Pro. Problem solved!
  4. cchampagne

    Blue Ray Selection Grayed Out

    Yes, I remember purchasing the Blu ray plug in for NXT2. Could the plug in have stopped working? Is there a way I can verify that?
  5. cchampagne

    Blue Ray Selection Grayed Out

    Pioneer BD-RW BDR-208M ATA Device. Deleted it, it was reinstalled (listed again with no yellow triangle), still only have the 2 Standard def options in roxio (DVD & VCD) and 1 Hi Def (AVCHD). Blue ray still greyed out. I can watch blue ray dvd's with the burner. Still think it is the laser? Any way to check?
  6. cchampagne

    Blue Ray Selection Grayed Out

    Thanks, sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. The "Enable blue-ray" was already gone from my menu. I have been able to write blue rays in the past, all of a sudden one day it was grayed out. Any other ideas?
  7. cchampagne

    Blue Ray Selection Grayed Out

    Roxio NXT2. No registry cleaners, just norton antivirus. Tried a repair, no difference. MYDVD Menu File, change project type to : DVD, Blu ray, AVCHD--first 2 are grayed out, only AVCHD available. Internal blu ray burner, seems to be fine.
  8. cchampagne

    Blue Ray Selection Grayed Out

    When I try to create a DVD the blue ray option is grayed out now. I used to have all 4 choices available including blue ray but now I only have 3. How do I get the blue ray option back?
  9. I have a bunch of VCD's that I would like to convert with Roxio NXT to DVD's. Is that possible, and if so how? Thanks.