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    Roxio Not Responding / Crashing During Stream

    Yeah. I had no problems running the Roxio through Xsplit, other than some audio stutter. I went ahead and purchased another capture device, that requires 2.0 Ghz, and have streamed 2-4 hours at a time with no problems. Again, if you search "Roxio game Cap PRo HD stops during stream" or "crashes stream". You will find out this is not a localized problem. Hardware is great, software is a little crash-prone. Wish the software matched the hardware.
  2. AAGoldsmith

    Roxio Not Responding / Crashing During Stream

    So Intel put Turbo Boost Technology in almost every one of their processors and it is not a stable piece of software? There is a reason I am not overclocking, because I see it as a 'trick' like you are saying, but the Turbo Boost Technology is designed and installed by the manufacturer, therefore I have much more faith in it's ability / safety. My RGC also hangs in the air, as I was worried about the heat issue as well. Let me ask you this, if I disabled my Turbo Boost in the BIOS, then ran the GCP HD program and it ran flawlessly for an hour but then suddenly crashed (with no rise in my CPU, GPU temps btw they remain constant around 40 C during high stress of streaming) would that be more indicative of a software (just the streaming portion) issue? The CPU issue I could theoretically understand, since it is just short of the dual core recommended speed, and I doubt the RGC runs on 4 cores anyways. In the end, I have seen a good number of threads in various forums with the same issue, and was hoping that by going more to the source that I could get an explanation, even if not just for my case.
  3. AAGoldsmith

    Roxio Not Responding / Crashing During Stream

    I realize my last response came off snobbish and upset....as I was. But the question still remains, why can I run tons of programs that call for more Ghz than one of my cores has? Take World of Tanks for example. http://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/general/frequently_asked_questions/#a2 This is the link to the system requirements. Minimum is 2.2 Ghz, recommended is a dual core 2.5 Ghz, yet, I run this game at maximum graphics and run 30 Fps on average. I sincerely don't understand how/why this works then. I have livestreamed this game on this laptop, while playing and streaming and still never had any crash issues. Perhaps the Roxio software isn't that stable? This seems the more likely case as I have seen numerous threads and Yahoo answers on the subject, from people with 2.2Ghz and better or gaming rigs such as myself.
  4. AAGoldsmith

    Roxio Not Responding / Crashing During Stream

    Or you could be nice and give an actual reply. Why can a quad core 1.6 Ghz computer run games that have minimum specs of 2.4+ Ghz then Jim? Why does the software work for random amounts of time, and then quit? Why is this an issue that is so great that reviewers mention it when reviewing the Roxio Game Cap Pro HD? Sorry I don't know everything about computers, I was asking a legitimate question and would like an actual answer rather than your holier than thou response. If my PC weren't up to running it, wouldn't it not load at all, or barely work when it loads? Why would it allow BEAUTIFUL 720p stream for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hr before randomly dropping out like it does for (obviously) at least a good portion of people? Tell me, does your reply cover ANY of the questions I asked or was it just another post to make yourself feel better for being "superior" to someone else? I have read a lot of your posts, and very rarely are you helpful other than "Do a full deletion, fresh install". Thanks for all of your input Jim! Semper Fidelis, Andy Goldsmith
  5. AAGoldsmith

    Roxio Not Responding / Crashing During Stream

    So does a quad core gaming processor not make up for the fact that it is ".2 Ghz" short of the minimum, even though the supplied software automatically boosts the CPU well over the 1.8 Ghz? This is not some overclock or 3rd party software, it is Intel technology designed to work with this laptop. By no means am I a computer tech, but this pc runs brand new games at full graphics and the CPU has no problem whatsoever. Any other ideas, because I truly feel the processing power is more than adequate, although it is "listed" as lower? Edit* Since the Roxio Game Cap Pro list the ability to use multi-threading, wouldn't my CPU process at more than 1.6 Mhz utilizing multithreading? Of course I am not expecting to say "I should get 1.6 Ghz times4!", but the use of multithreading in the Roxio program should surely push me over the 1.6 of a single core out of my 4 right?
  6. I have the Roxio Game Cap Pro Hd, with Hdmi in and out. Pc specs are as follows: Asus G73Jh, Intel Core i7 1.6 Ghz with Intel turbo boost up to 2.9 Ghz, 10 GB Ram, Raden 5870 GPU. I have on a bad day 20 mbps down and 3.5 mbps up constant. The issue I believe, is somewhere in the software or install. I can stream for random amounts of time, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour, but eventually Roxio Game cap program freezes, which causes my stream to stop. Then I click "Stop Stream" inside Roxio game cap program, to no avail. I have to exit the window, which prompts the "Roxio is not responding" window. Sometimes I even have to Task manager out of the program. I have followed one of the digital gurus advice on doing a fresh install to include a REVO moderate deletion. I have read in many reviews online that this is not an isolated case and many people have troubles with the Roxio GCP simply stopping in the middle of a stream. Is there a wrok around or solution to the issue, or is it just tough cookies for those who experience this. Thanks in advance.