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  1. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    I Respect the fact your "(still finding the two faulty rgb's answer hard to swallow )" but I DONT CARE....... What i do care is getting my money's worth and getting this stupid roxio to work...... Because i have a goal in Youtube and uploading videos, and if i cant do that... Whats the Point in Fighting with you two here in the forums..... Thats it, to me im asking you to hand the keys to your car to me? Is that really the struggle i need to go through just to make a Simple capture card work like it was built for? My friend had his for..... IDK 2 years and its still working?! Its Friday the 13th, is that why?
  2. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    Lets get this Clear, After Doing ALL and i mean ALL! the steps you've provided me, there is STILL no luck!....... I went to My Friends house WITH my Roxio and PLUGGED it into his computer which ALREADY has drivers and ALL that crap on it.... When i plug it in, i Hear Windows 7 make a sound (Plug in USB Sound)... First we looked at the "Devices and Printers" Tab and WE SAW "Transcoder"......... Then AFTER seeing that we started up his Roxio Gamecapture HD Pro Software and it shows "NO SIGNAL" in RED and the Devices Tab Shows NOTHING AT ALL where the Roxio Gamecap would be and i know that for sure because i remember that all the time before when it did work on my PC. We tried EVERYTHING! From Testing the connections to Using 2 Different Software which happens to be OBS and XSPLIT.......... AFTER that situation he came to MY house WITH HIS OWN Roxio HD Gamecap.... Plugged it right in and the SOFTWARE WORKED AND THE "TRANSCODER" DRIVER DISAPPEARED............... WE got it clear enough so far??? All I got is a Plain Purple Light on the LOGO and NO lights on the Input Status'! Steps I Tried: 1. Uninstalling |>| Rebooting |>| Registry Cleaner |>| Reboot |>| Driver Cleaner |>| Reboot |>| Place Disk in Drive |>| Run Installation |>| Install |>|Update |>|Reboot |>|Plug in RGC = NO LUCK! 2. Running "Repair" on Disk |>| Rebooting |>| Plug in RGC |>| Reboot |>| TEST? = NO LUCK 3.Uninstalling |>| Reboot |>| System Restore (Before First Install) |>| Reboot |>| Reinstall with out plugging in RGC |>|Checked for Updates |>|Reboot |>|Plug in RGC =NO F*** LUCK! Steps My Friend Tried (His Computer) 1. Unplug HIS RGC |>| Reboot |>| Plug in MY RGC =NO LUCK! 2. Same steps above = NO LUCK! 3. He goes to my house and plugs in HIS RGC into MY computer =WORKS!?
  3. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    Yes i understood that for about 3 months now, Jim_Hardin. Thanks but ive done ALL and i mean ALL of your solutions from other Forums ive seen you in and still no luck. Please excuse my impatience but i'm tired of this and going in circles. Me and my friend have been working on this for about 2 weeks together now, and he also owns a Roxio, he's the one to refer me to roxio and when he plugs mine into his computer its not working even still for him. This is outrageous.
  4. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    I'm sorry for the late reply. I went on a family vacation to Boston. Anyways heres the screenshot link....... The website wouldnt let me post the image, stating its to big but heres a link: http://prntscr.com/3q1vob I have done the 64-bit driver installation, and i rebooted and everything but its still the same thing. Let me know. Im back home now.
  5. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    I appreciate your concern weather if this is true or not. All I seek is some sort of solution to this problem, not comments and statements which dont helpn me at all. Now I do agree which I should invite a friend over and see if he can help give me some pointers, except he has a Avermedia capture device and not roxio. I can again use him for a sign of proof and at the same time provide videos and photos of the capture device not working with signs of proof displayed in the video.
  6. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    Hello, This isnt my first time having issues with my Roxio Game Capture HD but the last time which was the first time, my problem was that the capture device would show up on my computer as transcoder and after reinstallation of software and system restores i had no luck. Only the Main purple light would come on and thats it no input or anything including the fact of the capture software showing no signal in green. But anyways tech support contacted me and they sent me a replacement which is my current one and i had to send the old one back. This new one has been working beautifully from step one but my computer's hard drive failed, so i got a 1tb Hard drive off of Newegg and i reloaded the OS already but i'm now getting to the part where i'm reinstalling all of my old programs again. But this time with current Roxio that ive had, is now doing the same thing where it shows TRANSCODER and has the same behavior with not turning on or working as like the old Roxio I had to turn back in. Since i went to this forum before in the first incident, and i have researched all over the web on the roxio forums i know that some people would reply to tell me how to properly install, Uninstall and Reinstall the software and trust me all the proper strategies have been done the first time and i have performed system restores up to 5 days ago. So with all do respect please do not reply to tell me how to properly install it and the keys steps on not to plug it in before installing. I do however appreciate ALL the HELP that i can get i just want to make this quite brief and not go in circles since i know from previous support. I'd like to also know weather if there is a recent fix to this problem because i'd rather try other steps to fix this before having to go through the trouble in buying a new roxio. I do believe however that this roxio is still in warranty. I want to lastly point out that this roxio has been running hot recently and i have placed it in a proper cooling area where its not sitting next to any thing that runs hot and has been sitting on my desk in the open, i much ignored this as thinking the thermal temp it was putting out was normal. Please help and thanks for taking your time out of your day in reading this as it helps me succeed in my Youtube Gaming Dream, If anybody has any questions PLEASE feel free to ask whatever.
  7. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Hd Pro, Incorrect Drivers

    Actually to be honest i hate to correct you but i talked to roxio tech and they sent me a new Game cap. It happened to be that i had a faulty game capture because immediately when i plugged the new game cap in it worked!!! Try contacting Roxio for a new Capture or return the Roxio to the location you bought for another Capture.
  8. Hello, I've recently bought a Roxio Gamecap HD Pro on Roxio's website. I followed all the instructions, forums, everything and i have my computer constantly installing a "Fujitsu Hx5 driver". I knew that it was not correct because this is a Roxio product not a Fujitsu product. I looked at ALL the forums towards this problem and haven't found a solution. I've done EVERYTHING from Repairing, Uninstalling the driver, Installing again and so on. No Luck! So i've done basically done everything that other forums have said to do. I know that the Fujitsu Driver is pointing to the GameCap because every time i unplug the game capture the driver disappears off the list. I don't know what to do now so i'm hoping with all my dreams that you guys can help me out!!!!