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  1. Where can I buy the HD/BD plugin for NXT2? I recently put a BD-burner intu my PC. But NXT2 doesnt offer me BD-handling. In the shop I only found the plugin for NXT3. I tried it but didnt work. I dont want to upgrade to NXT3, just update my NXT2. Thanks in advance! Regards Uli
  2. UZimmBerlin

    Photosuite15 Crashes Immediately After Start

    In c:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT 2\PhotoSuite right-click on photosuite15.exe, properties, activate '...compatibility mode...' (my OS is in german) and choose any previous version. I wanted to test if it would work in an earlier version of windows. Didnt. Tried starting as admin, too, and turned off avast antivir. No success.
  3. PhotoSuite crashes immediately after start. I have Win7/64, Roxio Creator NXT2, bought 4 weeks ago, no updates available. In the bottom of the program window is written: stringRef:NoItemInDocList If I start Photosuite in compatibility mode XP or Vista, I get the erorr code R6025, 'Pure virtual function call' Any ideas? Any updates?