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    How Do You Make Chapters

    I am using Roxio Creator NXT4 and would like to make seamless chapter entries just the way movies are sold on DVDs. For example, I have single video clip that is about 64 mintues in length. I want four chapters. I want menus to show "Play entire movie", or the sub menu chapters such as chapter 1: "All about Mary", chapter 2 would be "Mary digs a well", chapter 3 would be "Mary falls from the swing" and finally the last chapter would read "Mary marries Mike" So if I select the second chapter, I would highlight and click on the words stating "Mary digs a well." Then the movie would start from that point and play to the end with out showing the names of the remaining chapters as it played through to the end. Using Creator NXT4, I have found how to make chapters in MyDVD, but I can only make a menu from the screen shot with the menu showing the screen shot. I want to be able to enter text instead of the screen shot. Am I really missing a step? I could do this in NXT2012.
  2. Tried repairing 3 times. Same thing, it fails. Examples of failures: once I create any chapters, it locks up when I go to click on any of the chapters or if I go straight to burning an MPeg to DVD, it locks up. It really is quite frustrating!
  3. I, too, would like to see a reply to this topic. I started out on an older version of Creator on Windows XP on an older Pentium dual core. It always froze up. I was advised to get everything current. I now have Creator NXT on Windows 8 on a quad core HP just made this year. It still hangs up. What is the issue? I have friends that swear by Roxio Creator. It's useless junk to me!