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    Excellent, have done both items above and no more messages. Thanks very much, this has been the most profesional and helpfull forum I have ever encountered.
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    A search for lower filters found a key: Lower Filters REG_MULTI_SZ PxHlpa64 DLACDBHE Windows shows the smaller screen on the right... and describes as: Driver: Sonic Solutions DLA Publisher: Sonic Solutions Location: Not available Thanks
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    Thanks All Roxio stuff has been deleted by Programs and Features or by Revo Uninstaller. Search for upper filters in regedit shows a key: Upper Filters REG_MULTI_SZ with nothing in the Data column What does this mean?
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    I have recently accired a DELL XPS 720 with Win 7, 64 bit. I installed from a disc that came with it "Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE". As I had problems, I felt this program is not compatible so I uninstalled it. Since I get the message when windows starts that" THERE IS AN INCOMPATIBLE DRIVER" referenig to "Sonic". I have been through numerous postings on the net on this subject and have tried them all. I have delete everything refering to Sonic and Roxio in the file system and the Register and using msconfig. I also ran a patch from DELL. I think I have found and deleted everything but still get this message. My feeling now is that I have not deleted the Roxio/Sonic drivers. So my question is, where do I find these drivers and how do I delete them?? Help Please.