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  1. can you please help me in finding the technical support by payment.
  2. With reference to your (Skin) #14, if I can not open PHOTO-SLIDE SHOW in Roxio program then how could I upload the photos for creating the SLIDE SHOW? WHEN I CLICK ON """""CREATE PHOTO SLIDE SHOW""""""" the program shut down and give me the Error message: (X86)\Roxio Creator NXT2\common\RoxWizardLauncher15.exe.
  3. Yes, I have uninstalled the Roxio with REVO UNINSTALLER. Then I restart the computer, then I turn-off the Anti-Virus (McaFee) Program and then I re-install the Roxio-Professional 2. Still No Luck. Can not use for photos Cd/DVD creator. Regards. Adil
  4. here is the required information. Regards. Adil DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  5. I have followed the above instructions (Step-by-step) sorry to write NO LUCK !!!!!!!!! Please advice
  6. I did turn off the anti virus program and i run the Roxio installation program and click on repair. But when i restart the computer and run the Roxio the same problem was still there. Then I Tried to open EDIT-VIDEO ADVANCED. But again the Edit-Video Advanced also did NOT work; and give me the message that """Video Wave has Stopped Working""". Please advise.Regards. A
  7. Here is the information you are after. Thanks and Regards AdilDxDiag.txt
  8. Yes other things work well in Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2. I can create a music project and can copy it in a CD as well. Only Photo-Slide does NOT work. Sorry I could not understand the question you asked """"" I asked if you had a different program on your computer """""". I have several programs on my computer BUT not any slide-show related program. Please you can also contact me on """"dfd505@msn.com""""""". Thanks and Regards. Adil
  9. Hello, The Error message which I get when I try to create a photo-slide show in ROXIO CREATOR NXT Pro 2 is: [[[[[[[[[[ (X86)\Roxio Creator NXT2\common\RoxWizardLauncher15.exe ]]]]]]]]. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM TRYING TO CREATE A PHOTO-SLIDE SHOW WITH IN THE ROXIO CREATOR NXT 2. Thanks Adil
  10. Hi, I have WINDOWS 8.1 and have recently upgraded my Roxio to Roxio NXT Pro-2. Currently I have been facing a problem that I can not open photo slid show and create a photo show in Roxio NXT Pro-2. Please advice me any solution. Adil