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  1. Excuse me. I have Easy Media Creator 10. Guess I got on the wrong place.
  2. I use Roxio Creator 10 and one of their applications that I like to use is Easy Audio Capture so I can record streaming music off the web
  3. I just want to capture streaming audio. Before the Dragonfly I was hooked up from my line in on the computer while using tape out, I also was using Hi-Fi link for streaming which was a USB connection on the computer and that ran to my video four output. It all worked fine but I do hear an improvement with the Dragonfly but it may be more trouble than it's worth. I don't do gaming
  4. I appreciate your help Jim but I don't understand this RGC Device thing. I'm using a HP 8600h Workstation with Windows 7 not that this has any bearing on my record problem. You are dealing with a 71 year old who is also a JIm
  5. There is nothing to setup with this DAC other than the initial settings in the control panel. Once the Dragonfly is plugged into a USB port it automatically sets itself as the main sound card. The Realtek card which was the original worked fine with both playback and recording. Roxio can't open the Dragonfly
  6. Yes I get the signal in this first block but nothing in the recording block .Audioquest Dragonfly doesn't show up in the recording settings area my sounds and hardware in the control panel
  7. I am using the Audioquest Dragonfly DAC replacing my internal sound card. Roxio capture can't open the Dragonfly hence no recording signal. Any tips