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    Lost Pretty Much Everything!

    I have an easyVHS to DVD dongle which I bought in late 2009, and I have found in the bowels of my computer a prpoduct registration email (although there doesn't seem to be a product key with it, just a link). My product shows up as registered on my Roxio account. I have no CD or documentation, but have replaced my poor, fried computer and want to reinstall this - does anyone know where I can download the software, as it seems impossible on the roxio website? Or who do I contact at Roxio to help (a 'contact support' option seems wierdly absent)? Is it worth the upgrade to version 3 and can I purchase the upgrade without having the old program actually installed? Is it possible to install the PC version onto Parallels for Mac running XP or will I have to purchase the mac software for that machine? sorry about the barrage of questions!