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  1. I've been using this thing for almost a year now and while clicking through my videos, I realized that the color palettes for all of them are darker than my TV is displaying. Is there any way to adjust the brightness setting on the capture device?
  2. DocProfessor

    Issues With Ps3 And Wii U

    After turning off 1080p, it seems everything is in order! At least as far as the PS3 goes. It actually looks way better in 1080i anyway, so this is a nice bonus! Now the only problem is the Wii U.
  3. DocProfessor

    Issues With Ps3 And Wii U

    I haven't tried with HDMI and my PS3 is set to 1080p, but I've tried on 1080i and 720p with no results either
  4. DocProfessor

    Issues With Ps3 And Wii U

    It's red. If this will require a reinstall that might be a problem since I can't find the CD anymore.
  5. DocProfessor

    Issues With Ps3 And Wii U

    In regards to the PS3, I've been able to record footage several times in the past without any trouble. However, today, when I started it up, I was greeted with No Signal and nothing I could do would fix it. It's the same setup I've used over and over, Component to component, plugged into my laptop. I can get picture on my TV with no problem. As for the Wii U, I have it plugged in via HDMI but I can't get picture on the TV AND I get a No Signal. I tried component as well, and the same problem persisted.