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  1. While using Videowave and then proceeding to the Burn screen and after I configured an then I press the RED burn button I get a FAILED TO CREATE AuthorScript Project !!! W..T.. Heck !!! its always PERFORMED GREAT ! I"VE TRIED EVERTHING ! DELETED ENTIRE PROGRAM , Defragged & USED Microsoft Security Scan , C.C. Cleaner , Restarted P.C. and attempted to Install the Program for the 3rd timed and It Still doesn't WORK !!!! HEEELLPP !!!
  2. Installed new Creator NXT PRO 2 and went into movies and video and selected advanced editing and video wave opened up. there is no tool bar under preview screen to allow me to pause, play, rewind, fast forward etc. The little horizonal srcroll wheel is missing and so is the camara icon and all the rest of the controls on that level. Can get no help from Roxio or Corel. Contacted them my at least three separate medias and they just as same as let me know I could get no help from them without paying $19.00. I just purchased two days ago!!!! Somebody please help!!!