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  1. Hi I installed Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 Update (from Roxio 2012) today. Now I cannot open the VideoWave production file I created yesterday with the older version of VideoWave. The programm crashes without any error code. I uninstalled NXT Pro 2 and installed it again, making sure no other task was running and firewall/virus scan was off. The result is exactly the same. I tried to repair NXT Pro 2, nothing changed. I tried to open an other production file (a smaller one without any music and cuts), it works. I tried to create a new production and import a video file, it works. -> Only the production file mentioned lets VideoWave crash. The file worked in the older version yesterday, so I assume it is not corrupt. Should I uninstall the update and re-install the older version & hope for refund? Any solution? Thanks Erik