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    Roxio Backup Mypc 7.0

    Hi Brendon. Thank tou for your quick response. I allready tried that, they told me to ask here. So problem still not solved. Forgot to tell i am running windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Wondering about, if i buy one of the newer back-up softwares from Roxio, if that would be able to restore my back-up? I just dont want to spend 100,- US-dollar on something i can not use.
  2. niassen

    Roxio Backup Mypc 7.0

    Hi. I recently made a Back-Up using Roxio BackUp MYPC, that came bundled with HP p6034sc. Believe it was Roxio BackUp MYPC 7.0 I then made a factory-reset on my PC, trusting there would be no problem re-installing the back-up. But, I can not find the program anywhere. Lost all my documents and pics. Can anyone please help? The back-up file is a .qic Thanks in advance Jens