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    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    I gave up the product >< I got my money back from the store and i won't wait till they finaly start working on it^^ So good luck and take care everyone^^
  2. xXSpectedXx

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Ànd for me the Aero option didn't work... :\ it is still a black screen on the preview window of roxio (while streaming) So i guess for now it is lost money lol(for buying the roxio) I hope it really get fixed soon >_> lol because....this.....is....getting....REALLY..... annoying xD
  3. xXSpectedXx

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Actually i made it work^^ Just by changing the shortcut of OBS with a compatibility to Windows 7, and then restarted OBS and it worked^^ But for some reason it now gave me a weird message with "you are still streaming" BUT.... I wasn't >_> but ah well, I'm a little further again haha
  4. xXSpectedXx

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Well I just searched for it..... and i just found out that in Windows 8(.1) you can't turn off the Aero option..... so it is no use <_> Thanks anyway for your hint^^
  5. Well that is not completely true.... because it worked fine like 1,5/2 weeks ago.... but Twitch or whatever did something so the compatibility between the Roxio devices and Twitch fails... There are already a few people contacting Twitch, and i heard some rumors about that the people of Roxio are working on a update (not sure if it really is) But for now it is waiting..... There is a optional move you can try and that is with OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and capture your complete screen (making the preview to fullscreen) or just a small part of it (the Preview Window) Hope i gave you a small update and hint for now. I'm still trying to fix it every day but can't tell you when i find/know the problem. But you can find everything i tried, and if i find any new stuff to try, or maybe help people i'll share it on this topic: http://forums.suppor...-loading-video/
  6. xXSpectedXx

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    True i tried that as well, but for some reason my OBS keeps holding the Preview screen black.... did alot of options like changing the Theme of Windows and stuff but didn't work that well
  7. xXSpectedXx

    Live Streaming Not Working

    I'm contacting Twitch as well maybe I can help you in the future on this topic: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/91302-livestream-to-twitch-loading-video/ but for now no one can't do anything
  8. xXSpectedXx

    Live Streaming Via Twitch Does Not Work

    That is the same thing i describe here xD http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/91302-livestream-to-twitch-loading-video/
  9. xXSpectedXx

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Finally yesterday someone got his question through the moderator security of the twitch support, and he do have the exact same issue. That's why I want to share the link with you guys for if i'm too late with posting you can maybe find the answer here (soon): http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/questions/4740253-twitch-is-saving-videos-but-not-actually-streaming-them
  10. xXSpectedXx

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    After doing alot of research and checking things out, i found out that my twitch channel noticed the livestream so it said "Live" and he wanted to "loading video" but for some reason he couldn't continue. I turned on the option in twitch to save my Broadcasts and when i look back at those broadcasts i found out that they are actually.... PERFECT!?!?!? ~its magic ~ But I have no idea what is wrong with my twitch channel that it won't show there I'll keep you guys posted when i know more
  11. Hi there, I have a question (and problem)... These 2 days i'm having problems with livestreaming to twitch with the Pro. Before it all worked fine, but since yesterday if i livestream it says at twitch "Loading Video". But everything works fine till the place of the software, because at the preview window you can see the screen of what it is capturing, and when i start the livestream twitch reacts on that and says "Loading Video".... but that is it??? Does that mean that it is a problem at twitch or at the working before it uploads? Hope someone can help me in this What did i try? - Reinstall - Switched cables (pretty useless because the normal Capture did work) - Tried different Livestream programs like OBS, the new build in livestream of Minecraft, and they all worked fine.... - Computer up-to-date - Changed Video Bitrate to 1500 / 1800 / 1900 / 2000 / 2100 / 2250 nothing changed - Tried to stream to different twitch servers
  12. xXSpectedXx

    Roxio Not Responding / Crashing During Stream

    Hi there, I have the same problem.... and I do have a Intel I7 with 2.80Ghz with 8GB RAM And it still crashes randomly ... it doesn't matters if i use my PC or Laptop (that have the same specs), or use my laptop as streaming device for my PC or Xbox 360...?? So it is not 100% true that it is just below that 1,8Ghz... so can anyone help please ? because its pretty annoying that it crashes so randomly....