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  1. Using the line in (identified as "microphone") in the rear of the computer gives a much more stable input than the "front microphone". Though I'll be dipped if I know why. Successfully recorded 2 full LPs, though quality was not quite as good as the USB connection. Must remember to set up record volume level through the Control Panel to set maximum input level then use the software record level slider to eliminate clipping. We'll see how well things work when we get into some of the 90 minute tapes and multi-record LPs.
  2. Blast! I'm not sure I've solved the problem but I might have a way around it. I just started trying to record from the player "line out" to the computer front microphone I'm getting a clear recording, at least so far with a limited test. Need to run full LP to be sure. Note, input volume levels much higher also.
  3. Seems like the best help discussed is to use a program other than a Roxio product! Not very hopeful or useful! FWIW I downloaded and tried Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter. The recording came through without popping and rotor wash. And using this computer, input system, and RecordNow MusicLab 9, I had made scores of CDs from my tapes and LPs with no problem :-(
  4. As near as I can tell my set up is IAW the instructions given in the software and in the LP to mp3 PDF published by Roxio. So right now I'm at a point where I don't even know what question to ask if I try to google something. When the input phono/cassette player is connected the signal seems fine. The input volume (as shown on the Control panel -sounds-record)is set as high as the software will accept without distortion. Now what?
  5. Using RecordNow Music Lab Premium version; and trying to convert my LPs and tapes to audio CD. I'm using a standard phonograph and tape player connected to my computer through USB. The same connection I used for years with the Record Now Music Lab 9 program. But now my initial recordings sound like a Huey is flying through them. This is a new program I only installed it in September.