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    Unable to Activate Sonic/Dell Cineplayer

    Just tried Cineplayer again and it logged in and activated. Whatever problem Roxio had with their activation application obviously is fixed. This can be closed.
  2. fireberd

    Unable to Activate Sonic/Dell Cineplayer

    From posts on the Dell users forum, it's a Sonic issue. Actually, I don't need it as I have other DVD player software - just typical Roxio issues. I have had every Roxio version since the old "Adaptec Days" and EVERY version has been buggy. I have Roxio V9 installed now and I'm having some issues.
  3. The program will not activate on line and when I go to the activate page and enter the product key, I get an error message "Err_Activation_Invalid_Pk" This was supplied with a new Dell PC.
  4. This can be closed, although it wasn't resolved. I needed the Label Creator program so I backed up some important data then did a complete restore with my Acronis True Image. It was a last resort but needed to be done.
  5. Jim, I haven't been around Roxio for a while and I'm on an old version. The MS Installer cleanup didn't do anything for it. I ran the cleanup utility, restarted Windows and tried to install 7.5 again and got the same errors. I also found another item about permissions, in the registry for Roxio, and tried that and it didn't help either. Jack
  6. OS is Windows XP, PRO with SP2. I had problems with 7.5 and the "repair" option would not run (get error "not responding). I tried to uninstall and that would not run either. I finally had to manually delete Roxio, run roxizap and then I was able to reinstall my retail 7.0 version. However, I also have an ESD V7.5 (registered on this site) and when I try to install the 7.5 update (after restarting Windows), I get the following errors. 1. Unable to find a certificate file 2. There was a problem authenticating your version. Please make sure your system is set to the current date (which it is). I thought the date may have something to do with when the ESD 7.5 was downloaded so I reset Windows XP (Pro) date back to when I downloaded the update but that wasn't the cause. Jack Edit, correction, this is an "upgrade", not an update. I should have noted that originally.