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    Creator 2010 Learning Center Tab Missing

    YES!!! It is working! The checkbox did the trick! (I am using the Dutch version and then the Learning Center is named completely different!) Thanks very much! Gideon
  2. gideonv

    Creator 2010 Learning Center Tab Missing

    Hi Brendon, Just performed the repair as you mentioned (Antivirus off and not connectiion to the Internet), but it did not help. Can I find the Learning Center information somewhere else, so that I can start with the program with a little pre-knowledge? I am especially interesting in uploading videos from my CAM corder (Sony Video8 tapes) to my computer and in the next stage VHS movies from my videoplayer to my computer. Greetings Gideon
  3. Hi, After taking dusting the Creator 2010 package, installing it on my Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) system, and adding the updates from the download site, I wanted to start with the product. I mat be the exception to the rule, but I like to learn first and then try, so I started looking for the Learning Center tab...... It is missing! (I saw that someone said that probably nobody would use it, but..). I did manage to find a link to the Learning Center tab on Roxio's site, but that shows things for Creator 2012 or so... Anyone? Gideon