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  1. I've had my roxio working fine for the past year but all of a sudden the program will not open when the roxio is connected. If I disable the roxio in device manager the program will open fine, its only when the roxio is plugged in / enabled that the program crashes.... any ideas....?
  2. AJ Cardwell

    Best Picture Settings For Hd Pro Recording Cod Ghosts

    I know how to get the picture settings, I wanted to know if anyone knew the best picture settings to get as close to what cod ghosts is suppose to look like... like I said.. it always ends looking too washed out too bright or too dark etc..
  3. Having trouble finding the right brightness, contrast and saturation for recording call of duty ghosts from the Roxio HD Pro. I've tried adjusting it but between the small preview screen the brightness setting in cod ghosts settings and the Tv picture settings I just can't get it close to what its meant to look like. It always end up looking washed out, too bright..or too saturated....can anyone help...?