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    Why Can't I Burn A Dvd Of My Photoshow

    There is also no place to get your money back. Have you tried to cancel your subscription or change your credit card number? Not possible. Edited to get reply out of the quote.
  2. Bobbi2450

    Record My Voice

    Is there anyway I can record my voice to use in a photoshow? I have no problem adding my music but am doing a personal piece for a museum.
  3. Bobbi2450

    Cannot Create New Photoshows

    Nothing changed on my computer from the one photoshow to the last one. I have made hundreds of photoshows from my desktop. I can make the photoshow by logging into my online account but I have never had to do that before. I use Chrome, W7 and ie11. Something has changed.
  4. Bobbi2450

    Cannot Create New Photoshows

    Obviously something has happened in the past week with Roxio PhotoShow 6. I created a new photoshow one day and then could not create one the following day. The screen starts churning and nothing happens. When I go to Help's Knowledge base there is nothing there (I mean there is no info stored there on any topic). The Chat Room is offline. I have deleted the program and downloaded it twice. When I check upgrades, I have the latest version. I can play the photoshows I have created in the past but I cannot edit them. Can anyone help me or is anyone else experiencing this problem?