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    Restoring Multiple Disk Backup From Creator 2009

    Okay guys thanks for the help but I have discovered what the issue is! It seems that the multi set DVD does not capture the top level of the directory structure. So when the files are retrieved for a restore the structure is incorrect and It fails In every case. The RFI file is not loaded on the physical disc so it can not be run from the DVD media which was not a problem since I had retrieved the secure files from the DVD to my Hard drive, I added the index file o the top level and that is when I discovered th ndexfie has n additional folder for the computer name. I added folder moved the files around and everything started working. Funny that is not in the documentation and not in any of the FAQ's or support documents. Needless to say I'm not a happy camper with Roxio legacy Support. Back ups aren't normally restored until there is a hard drive problem or you just get stupid and are around longer then ROXIOs support. I won't be using creator for back ups any longer. I have retrospect 8.0 which is a product Roxio now owns ince tey bought the company.
  2. Handels_handle

    Restoring Multiple Disk Backup From Creator 2009

    No I used Roxio creator 2009 which has back on track
  3. My data hard drive crashed and Seagate wants 1250 to restore the data! I have an 8 disk back up set and I have retrieved it to a new hard drive to restore my files. I have completed that and all the files reside in the location I selected. The issue is that they all have .$roxio$ as he extension and I now need to get them to their original format and extension. Did I miss something or is there more steps to the process? I foolishly renamed the files and that did not work. Help! I would have attached samples but it is not allowed Examples license.txt.$roxio$ er.dll.$roxio$ 3005)tax return,tax.$Roxio$