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    Change To External Dvd Drive

    Hi again, Yes probably a stand alone. I tried reassigning the drive letter. Instead of going to the new E (formerly F) it then asked me to put a disk in drive C, which is on the HD where the operating system is - ie. it's not a DVD drive at all ... D
  2. DSinOz

    Change To External Dvd Drive

    Hi Brendon, Thanks for trying again, but I can't use anything like tools within the program until I can get the program to start. It's not a paid (Pro?) version. When you double-click its icon to start it, it asks for a disc before starting, as shown above. It used to launch automatically when a disc was inserted into drive E, but does not do that for drive F. D aa
  3. DSinOz

    Change To External Dvd Drive

    Brendon, Thanks for the detailed reply. Because the program first asks for a disc the down-arrow doesn't work. When I cancel the dialogue window Roxio closes again before it ever opens I need somehow to stop the program asking for a disc in E:drive before the progam starts. Bushfires got to < 1km from us, so we were ok. thanks for the concern! D
  4. DSinOz

    Change To External Dvd Drive

    Hello everyone, I've always used Roxioburn (since 2010) to burn regular computer files to DVD for storage/archiving, but then my laptop's internal DVD burner died (E: drive), so I now have an external DVD drive (F:Drive). When Roxio starts now it asks for a disc in E drive and will not launch without one. How can I reset the program to look for the new F:Drive instead? thanks D