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  1. Thanks Jim. I have followed all of the directions you have given me repeatedly. I have installed, uninstalled, ran Revo in moderate mode TWICE and once in advance. I cannot get this program to work. I even went on the Corel site for help. I looked at another review for this software and it said something about the drivers. My drivers are up to date and they are the ones to use with this program. I ran the updates, when I plugged in the Roxio USB, several times. It did not make a difference!!!!!!!!!! So the one time I chose not to install them to see what would happen. It's not like I'm only working on this some of the time....I have spent many hours trying to fix this issue! Best Buy stated they would take this program back if it did not work. I appreciate your help, but you don't have to scold me like a child. I have listened and followed your advice to a T. Unfortunately, I can get the program to work until I plug in the USB and then it crashes. Thanks
  2. Hi Jim, Well I followed through with your steps again and the program crashes when I open it. I unplugged the Roxio USB device. I uninstalled Roxio using the Revo uninstaller and I actually ran it in advance mode instead of moderate because the directions you provided this past time were identical to the ones earlier. I turned off Norton 360 (Firewall, Antivirus, and Cleaned my registry) and Malwarebytes. I inserted my Roxio disc. The disc display did not start automatically. I have to click on the E drive and then a list of choices came up. I chose setup and installation began. There were no selections for "Check for updates". I turned on Norton 360 and Malwarebytes again and rebooted my computer. I then opened the icon for Roxio Easy Vhs to Dvd and then it stated something was wrong with my program. I can either Debug it or Cancel it. Either one I choose, or x-ing out, causes Roxio to close. So then I went to Revo Uninstaller and again opened Roxio VHS to DVD and chose repair this time...Hoping it was something small. I was able to open VHS to DVD after that and I checked for available updates for the program and it stated there were none. I plugged in my USB connection to the computer and it states that it is looking for the driver software. It also asks about a windows update. I have let the update option go in the past, but this time I did not click it and I stopped any update from Windows. Then again the program crashed...stating two options...debug or cancel. Any further help is appreciated, but I'm about to give up and take this program back to Best Buy. My efforts of getting this done by Christmas for my family has been a bust.
  3. Here is the information you requested. Windows Edition: Windows 7 Home Premium Copyright @ 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Service Pack 1 System: Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Company Model: p6716f Rating: 4.1 Windows Experience Index Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor 3.00 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 6.0GB (5.75 GB Usable) System Type: 64-bit operating system Pen and Touch: No Pen or Touch Input is available for this display If you need something else from that screen, let me know. Also, this program has never worked for me. I followed the instructions in the manual and initially tried the Record DVD first. It recorded my video great, but when I clicked Stop Recording, the Finishing button just went around and around and around. The movie did not burn to the DVD. So that is when I went looking on the forum pages. I saw another gentleman said to use the Record, Edit, Save selection. That is when I recorded, but the video was no longer on the screen when I clicked Stop Recording. My computer came with RoxioNow Player. would that cause this problem? Thanks for the heads-up about receiving a resolution from Windows.
  4. Hello Jim, I completed the steps that you suggested and I restarted my computer. I started the Roxio program again and I am getting the same messages. The computer is telling me "a problem has caused the computer to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" I am not very computer savvy. Is there any other things I can try? I appreciate your help. Also, I can open the videos in Windows Explorer and they play fine in windows media player.
  5. Please help. I am trying to switch old VHS tapes to DVD using Roxio VHS to DVD 3 plus. I am using Record/Edit/Save option (as read in another forum) and it records fine. When I hit the button to stop recording, there is no video on the screen and no videos on the right hand side either. It is just blank. However, if I go to Libraries, Videos, Easy VHS to DVD, Captured Videos....then my videos are there. But if I try to import them back to the program, it crashes. It states "an unknown error has occurred. The application will shut down now. Exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. I have already uninstalled and repaired the program too. Please help.