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  1. tented

    Are these bugs fixed in Toast 16?

    "Improvements" would be something like adding new templates; fixing the software to accurately save your work is a bug.
  2. tented

    Are these bugs fixed in Toast 16?

    Thanks for the response! It seems as if only one of the problems has been addressed: disc format. I mainly create dual-layer Blu-Ray discs, so it's annoying to have the file open as a single layer BD every time. But if they haven't fixed the subtitles and menu style bugs, I'll pass on paying for the upgrade. It's reasonable to expect this software to handle subtitles and to remember something as basic as which menu style was originally chosen.
  3. tented

    Are these bugs fixed in Toast 16?

    I currently have Toast 12, which has a few bugs. I'm wondering if any have been fixed in Toast 16. - Subtitles - they can't be added/encoded in Toast 12 - Remembering disc format and menu template - in Toast 12, if a file is created for a dual-layer Blu-Ray, whenever the file is saved, then reopened, it goes back to being a single-layer disc. I have to manually change it back to dual-layer every time. Also, it never remembers which menu template I chose. I can choose "Passport" for example, save the file, but when I reopen it, it defaults back to "Splash". I have to manually change it back to Passport every time. Does anyone know if these bugs have been fixed in Toast 16? Thanks!
  4. tented

    No Sound Or Picture When Editing To Create Blu-Ray

    I figured out what needed to be done to fix the files. In case this happens to others, I'll report what I did. I downloaded the free software MKVToolnix, then extracted the video and audio, and re-muxed with the same software. It creates duplicate files, but essentially, this process "cleaned" the damaged MKV files, because when I imported them into Toast again, they worked fine. Hope this helps others!
  5. tented

    No Sound Or Picture When Editing To Create Blu-Ray

    Thanks for the reply. After playing around with the files for a bit, I'm pretty sure they're damaged, but I don't know what's wrong. In other words, the problem isn't Toast. I've tried importing other files since posting my message, and they're working fine. Also, I did the "check for updates", but it came back saying 11.1 is the latest version. Not sure what that means ...
  6. tented

    No Sound Or Picture When Editing To Create Blu-Ray

    Also, I know the files are OK, because I can get them to play using other software (Mac Blu-ray Player So I know the audio and video are there, and play correctly otherwise.
  7. I'm using Toast Titanium 11.1 to create Blu-Ray discs. I added .mkv files, but when I click on edit, and the separate edit video window pops up, there is no video or sound when I play the file. (I'm trying to add chapter marks.) I created another disc yesterday, also using an .mkv file, which worked, so I know it can be done, and has worked previously. Any idea why there would be no image or sound? Are there certain resolutions or bitrates which don't work, for example? Thanks!