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  1. Hello! I recently bought this product and attempted to transfer video from my VHS to my Mac but am having no luck. The program says it is recording (and even lets me save the recording) but there is no video or sound being captured. All I see in the preview is a green screen. Does anyone know what this means and how I can fix it? Thanks
  2. Thank you. I have used both composite video and Medium quality settings and it does not make a difference. The only difference is that the High Quality wouldn't actually save a "video" whereas the Medium did - but still no picture or sound. It also won't allow me to launch the application before plugging in the USB device because it just prompts me to do so. I am using an older TV with a built in DVD and VHS, and the cable is connected to the only place on the TV that is available for connection. Hmm... Could the device be defective?