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    Live Streaming Trouble

    The thing is that the Live Streaming for Roxio sucks and it doesn't work but they don't want to update it with a bunch of angry buyers lel.
  2. This has nothing do with anything so just stop with your morals and such I need them to fix this problem now.
  3. Valtro

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    I completely understand your pain. I am having the same issues all the times. I tried my hardest to make this stream work and nothing achieved and now it sets itself to 480p I don't know why and I get really mad. They need to update this quick because there are a lot of people that are mad at this Roxio HD Pro product.
  4. Today I was messing around with Streaming programs called OBS, xSplit, and the Roxio Software. Seems like the staff or whatever need to start working and do that Update with the Twitch.tv Streaming to work. This is one of the main reasons why I bought a Roxio HD Pro because it said in the compares of the two Roxios' that it had a Live Stream option. You guys need to do something a lot of my friends and even this Forums people are having problems with the Option to stream. People are paying money to buy this it shouldn't have any bugs, glitches, or connection server issues. I don't exactly know what is the issue but you guys need to fix the problem. I mean I have tried every option and any setting doesn't work I messed with the Gamma brightness all kinds of stuff. I don't like to complain but I did pay money for this so I am asking nicely please fix it.
  5. Hello so I was wondering is it just me that I can not do Live Streaming? i am trying to live stream into Twitch.tw but all it says when I hit the big blue button that says "Live Stream" it loads me into a page into Twitch saying it still Loading the Video I literately waited for a hour nothing happen. Is this suppose to happen? Will this be fixed if it is a major problem? Because there is no other Program that you can Live Stream using the Roxio HD Pro it is all blacked. It wil be nice if somebody can walk me to the steps of getting to Live Stream. Thank you!