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    My Own Topic - Split

    I appreciate you getting back to me, but I shouldnt have to go through 101 different steps and procedures for it to maybe work. I've lost faith in this software, there are hundreds of post with people having way to many issues, I'm just going to return and try a different software program.
  2. rosstheboss74

    My Own Topic - Split

    The problem is, after I hit record it gives me error, "cant write to disc." And I love how you say how can it be any simpler when there a hundreds of posts from people having all sorts of issues, ya it would be simple if worked how it was supposed to. I shouldn't have to go through 101 different steps and procedures in order to get the software to work. There is a reason you have over 20,000 posts because most people cant get this software to work. Appreciate you getting back to me though,
  3. rosstheboss74

    My Own Topic - Split

    How do you capture the video to your hard drive?, when I press the drop down arrow for the destination drive it only gives the dvd drive. My screen also goes green after I press play on my VHS player. The part of the screen that goes green is where the video playback should occur, im using roxio easy vhs to dvd plus 3. I need some serious help Ive been trying to get this to work off and on all day.
  4. rosstheboss74

    My Own Topic - Split

    Or the software could be a very prominent first, Ive used 3 different brands of DVD's I've tried 2 different PC's, also tried with an external DVD writer, I keep running into cant write to disc after I press record. What is going on? I've done the re-install, also the repair function, turned off internet security. I have seen hundreds of reports from various people running into issues with this software, there is something very wrong, also tried 2 different discs. If anyone says this is a good software they are very fortunate, because I have never had this many issues with software before.
  5. rosstheboss74

    My Own Topic - Split

    Program does not run fine, I have returned and have gotten another disc, tried on two different computers I either get the error that it cant write to disc, or it cant even display the video before I can try to record. Something very wrong with program, shouldnt be running into these issues at all, I've have uninstalled and re-installed, have ran the repair funtion, turned off all internet security functions. I cant seem to get anything to work
  6. rosstheboss74

    My Own Topic - Split

    How do you capture to your hard drive first? Dont you need to use the roxio program to capture the video from your VHS tapes. Im not sure how you capture to your hard drive first. If you could explain that would be awesome.