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  1. Hello, I'm having and issue with the audio output of the RGC device, I'm using the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I'm using a PC as the footage source, the video card is outputing the same signal thourg two sockets, VGA goes directly to my monitor, and HDMI goes to the RGC HD Pro. The usb cable of the RGC goes to a second computer which I use to record. The issue I'm having is with the Component outputs of the RGC device, they don't seem to be working, the two sound output to be precise. The recording on the second PC works perfect, I get audio and image, so the HDMI is working, and the RGC is recieving both signals, but I'm trying to use the component out of the Roxio device to get the sound to my speakers (Since the VGA does not reproduce audio, and if I send the audio throught anything other than the HDMI then the RGC device would not get it and the recording would be silent), and nothing seems to be coming out of them. I don't have a screen with component in to test if the video is being transmited. Could this be a hardware issue? or am I setting something up the wrong way? I know it's a complicated setup, but it's all I have :/ Sorry I posted this as a response in another thread and I thought maybe no one would see it, so I started a new thread... Thanks in advance!