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    Dvd Burning Issues

    It appears it finally recognized the disk after about 10 minutes. Any idea why it would take so long for NXT software to recognize the disk? I was able to get the copy function to work but it appears it's going to take a long time to start the copy process.
  2. Just got Creator NXT 2. I'm trying to copy DVD+Rs that are finalized. When I open the Video Copy and Convert, it appears it cannot open the preview for the DVD. The green arrow stays grayed out. The DVD+Rs have videos recorded from an interview room. They are not proprietary formants and play in WMP. They are not protected. I've tried several different videos and still will not copy. I had an old version of Roxio and it worked great. I unfortunately cannot find the old program. I've attached a photo of what I'm getting from the Video Copy and Covert screen.