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    Roxio Randomly Stopping Recording.

    Thanks for your reply. I'll definitely give this a try.
  2. Hello guys. When I was recording some gameplay with my friend for a YouTube series, my Roxio recorded about 16 minutes then just stopped. When I looked at my P.C. screen it said it was still capturing, but the final video only came out at 16 minutes. I've only been having this problem since I started using the actual Roxio software to record instead of a third party program. Any help/advice would be awesome! Thanks.
  3. lioblade

    Signal Protected

    So basically i can't record PS4 gameplay with it? Looks like it'll be getting sent back then.
  4. lioblade

    Signal Protected

    I've set up my Roxio to record some PlayStation 4 gameplay, everything is set up correctly. However where it says 'status' is reads 'signal protected' and the capture button is grayed out so i can't record. What does this mean, and how do i get around this problem?
  5. I've done it the way you said. Thanks for the help. Just a word of advice, when explaining things write in terms that a martian can understand not everyone spends their days on computers.
  6. Don't you have to put a serial number in to install? Would that not prevent me from installing on 2 machines?
  7. I've purchased a Roxio Game Capture Pro HD, but i need a downloadable version of the software as i don't have a disc drive in my laptop. Please help i really want to get it up and running.