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  1. Prior to upgrading to Pro 2 from Creator NXT, I had been successfully capturing S/VHS tapes from my Panasonic machine using the Roxio Video Capture USB device/dongle I purchases a few years back. This device accepts both composite and S video inputs. However, upon installing NXT Pro 2 (which automatically uninstalls NXT prior to installing itself) said software, I found the initial interfaces to be identical to that I had experienced with NXT. So, I found my way to Video capture using the same hardware as delineated above, and that is when my problems started because I could not make it capture at all. Clicking on "VIDEO" resulted in different options than seen with NXT. Options listed were 1. MS Camera (not applicable for my purposes) and, 2. USB 2861 Video (whatever that is or means?). But, 2 was the only logical selection so that was selected. "CAPTURE SETTINGS" presented no problems and was same or almost same as for NXT. "STATUS" indicated no signal; and that was correct as the preview screen was totally black. However, the audio from the tape was coming thru just fine. Although I have hereto fore failed to state it; I was transferring the video via a S video cable rather than composite video ( which I have not tried yet) because my understanding is that it is technnically preferred over composite video. S video worked just perfect in NXT, but not in NXT Pro 2?? I am unhappy and astounded that this has proven to be the case. Unfortunately, getting my supposedly free 14 days of tech support from Roxio has proven equally difficult, and to date no one has responded to my requests for assistance. My head tells me that NXT Pro 2 should do same as NXT did, but I have no idea just now why that is not the case. Can anyone offer suggestions as to what the problem (other than me) might be,and how to resolve same. Thanks.